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Tiger Fight, October 3, AC Milan will host Spezia in the third round of Serie A tomorrow night. Coach Pioli held a pre-match press conference.

10月3日,Tiger Fight,AC米兰明天晚上将在意甲第三轮比赛中接待Spezia。皮奥利教练举行了赛前新闻发布会。

Pioli held a pre-match press conference against Spezia at 13 p.m. Italian time and answered questions from various media:


We have spoken, I wish him a happy birthday, he is very good now, but I regret that he has to spend his birthday during the isolation period and cannot be accompanied by his family, so we hope everything is well for him.


Promoting to the Europa League is a very important goal for us. The day before yesterday we had control of the game at the beginning, but we got into trouble afterwards, probably because the game was critical and everyone was a little excited. I don't think it is necessary to focus on the past. We are a very young team and have made significant progress. The team has established a good foundation. We should focus on the future. Everything in the team now is to lay the foundation for the future. After such a difficult game, the team will become more mature, stronger and more prepared.


Fatigue will not prevent us from moving forward. The road ahead is still very long. We must get used to this as soon as possible and adapt to the intensive schedule both physically and psychologically. Of course, I have also asked the players about their situation and I will evaluate them. Some players are already very tired, but we have to adapt to the third line, and at the same time, mental strength is also essential. Every next game will be difficult. Tomorrow’s game will not be easy. Spezia has just defeated Udinese. They are now at a moment of increased confidence, so we must be prepared.


Both of these people are in my choice. I will make a cautious decision to see who is more suitable as a starter, but I can make adjustments after entering the game, because there are now five substitutions and I can change at any time Players with different technical characteristics.


It is possible that he only joined the team yesterday, but his physical condition may be better than our other players, because the Norwegian league has been playing for half a season, and Hauge needs time to familiarize themselves with the team’s play. He will definitely be called up, and the specific decision will be made before the game.


Every time he plays and every training he improves and progresses, his performance against Crotone is good. I think Tonali is a starting-level player. I will rely on him very much in the future. Our season is very good. For a long time, the team needs a lot of such starting level players.


We will judge later today. He was slightly injured and has been playing games before, so we will look at it later.


I'll talk about it when he really comes, he is not a Milan player yet. New central defender? The team is currently working well, there are still a few days left in the transfer period, let’s take a look


I will choose the starting lineup very carefully and weigh who is suitable to appear in the first minute and who is suitable to come off the bench to change the game, but in some positions, I don’t have much choice. I cannot rotate the players to rest, but we hope to be able to In this stage of the intensive schedule, there is a good ending (the next is the national team game day), we need to show determination and fighting spirit, hoping to win this crucial game.


we'll talk about it then. I chose Maldini to play center in the last game because I wanted to catch Avi’s central defender by surprise. The two front midfielders of Maldini and Çarhanoglu can change positions. Although they have some effects, they are sometimes not ideal. Tomorrow I will make a decision based on the player's specific situation.


I talked to him yesterday. He was Milan's opponent before, so I have studied him and his team a long time ago. Hauge mainly plays on the left and can also play in the center, but in fact he also occasionally played on the right. . Hauge's technology is very good and fast, but how to arrange the location has yet to be evaluated.

我昨天跟他说话。他以前是米兰的对手,所以很久以前我就研究过他和他的球队。豪格主要在左侧踢球,也可以在中锋踢球,但实际上他偶尔也可以在右侧踢球。 。 Hauge的技术非常好且快速,但是如何安排位置尚待评估。

He is young and strong. A player like him who is fast and good at one-on-one and can play multiple positions will give the team a great advantage. However, he came to Italy from a completely different league. It takes time to adapt on and off the stadium. I believe he will become very good in the future.


I think he can do better, and he himself knows this. He has not yet recovered to 100%, but many teammates are the same. We have to be more patient with him. Sam knows he needs to train hard to reach his best condition. When he returns with full blood, he can do it for the team. Greater contribution.


I can’t say whether the two teams are similar. Spezia has a good control of the space and the game is very smooth. Their coaches arrange each player very carefully, and the striker has a strong ability to seize opportunities. We must be cautious. Responding, especially to perform better at the tactical level, has not been able to do this in Portugal.

我不能说两支球队是否相似。 Spezia对空间的控制很好,游戏非常流畅。他们的教练会非常仔细地安排每位球员,而前锋有很强的把握机会的能力。我们必须谨慎。做出回应,特别是在战术层面上表现更好,在葡萄牙还没有做到这一点。

I don't think there is a problem with the team's physical fitness. The opponent actually only had three chances. We played 120 minutes and evened the score at the last minute. This shows that the team has no problem physically and mentally. The season training time is relatively short, which does make the physical reserve less than 100%, but we will usher in the national team game day next, when many players can get the opportunity to rest.


He has just returned for a week. If the team is not short of manpower, I will give him a longer recovery time. Leo has been working hard in training, but he hasn't played for two months after all, and it takes time to be normal.


His one-to-one ability has helped us a lot, because the team does not have too many players who are good at one-on-one breakthroughs. I think he can improve his running ability, insert more into the penalty area, and attack the goal. Can become the kind of player who has the final say.


There are still the last few days of the transfer period, and the management is also working hard to complete the signings to improve the strength of the team. I also hope that after this rest period, some key players can return from injury, such as team leader Zlatan, and another leader: captain Romagnoli, as well as Rebic, Conte and Musaki. In fact, many of these wounded Austrian players are fighting with injuries, so we will usher in a more complete team after the national team game. Tomorrow we have the last game to play, and the team needs to grit their teeth and persevere.


Every game has traps, we just need to stay focused. Spezia played well against Sassuolo, only to mess up after losing the ball in the second half. They defeated Udinese in the last round and were a dangerous opponent. Spezia changed 15, 16 players this summer, but the overall tactics have been maintained, so they are undoubtedly a difficult team to deal with. We have to be more determined and calmer than our opponents.